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Platonic Solids & Archimedian Solids

PLEASE NOTE: Pieces are NOT pictured actual size. Actual size is given in millimeters.

These jewels are a joy to hold in the hand and share with others. Use them as altar pieces, for meditation, contemplation, attunement and healing work. The smaller pieces (28 mm and under, as marked) are suitable for pendants. For these pieces, a black satin cord may be added free of charge, upon request. They also look great on a silver or gold chain (however I do not stock chains). The merkabas are awesome spinning on a monofilament cord. I generally have several suspended above my work table as a constant source of inspiration.
Click here to learn about the Platonic Solids.

Click here for healing properties of the stones.

Vector Equilibrium 12-around-1 with quartz and amethyst torus

Vector Equilibrium 12-around-1


"12-around-1" Quartz crystal around Amethyst toruses
Gold-filled Vector equilibrium

In this piece you see the 12-around-one formation inside the vector equilibrium, with the central bead in amethyst. Second image shows another view of the same piece. Looks gorgeous backlit by the sun!

By special request, a 14k gold custom-fabricated bail can be added to this piece, which enables the pendant to spin freely around the bail. Adding spin to the shape, you get a vivid demonstration of how this form operates in nature. (This piece can also be worn as a pendant without the spinning bail by just running a chain between the beads.)

Note: I am currently without a supplier for the metal beads to make this piece, so availability of this piece is limited for the time.

(30 mm)
S-159 (G) $75

S-159B 14k gold bail, sold separately
$-- As the bail is fabricated upon request, price is subject to change with the cost of the metal. Please inquire.


In these pieces, the polyhedra (many-sided forms) have been woven together using fine metal tubes and beading wire. This weaving method gives a different and more feminine energy to my pieces than geometric forms made of solid rods soldered together. Within the tubes is an open channel through which a thread meanders, defining a 3-dimensional labyrinth: a single path, an Ariadne’s thread, flows through the piece. At each vertex point is an open space; the energy circulating through the labyrinth path pools in these open spaces at the intersection of beads. This is the matrix through which the healing message of the stone within emanates.

The labyrinth is a tool for contemplation. It invites you to journey into the center and back out again, like a fruit which contains its own seed. Use your senses of sight, touch and intuition to follow this labyrinth around the surface of a sphere. The body-mind understands even when the conscious mind does not.

These objects are created with love for you. Each one is unique, and has been awakened and energized to transmit its essence for the highest good.

Vector equilibrium with faceted quartz  

"12-around-1" Quartz crystal toruses
Sterling silver Vector equilibrium

In this piece you see the 12-around-one formation inside the vector equilibrium. The vector equilibrium, or cuboctahedron, is unique in nature as the only polyhedron in which the vectors from the vertices to the center are equal in length to the edges. 12 toruses, with their diameters running along the vectors, fit perfectly inside the shape, with one additional torus at the center. This is one of the most important shapes in all of nature.

Faceted quartz crystal beads are shown in picture, but it can be made with smooth-polished quartz beads upon request.

(30 mm)
S-158 $64

Vector equilibrium with vectors in gold-filled  

12k Gold-filled or Sterling silver
Vector equilibrium

The vector equilibrium, or cuboctahedron, is unique in nature as the only polyhedron in which the vectors from the vertices to the center are equal in length to the edges. In this piece, you can see how the vectors create 8 inner tetrahedra with the triangle faces of the shape, and 6 half-octahedra with the square faces.

(28 mm)
S-157(G) $84 *limited quantity: I am currently without a supplier for the gold-filled beads, but have a few more in stock available to use for this piece

S-157(S) out of stock

Merkaba with Lavender Fluorite  

Fluorite Octahedron
Sterling silver Merkaba

pendant size (27 mm)
S-95 $56

Cuboctahedron with fluorite octahedron  

Fluorite octahedron
Sterling silver Cuboctahedron

pendant size (23 mm)
S-130 $28

Dodecahedron with Lapis lazuli  

Lapis lazuli Sphere
Sterling silver Dodecahedron

(38 mm)
S-165 $94

Cuboctahedron with aquamarine  

Aquamarine Sphere
Sterling silver Cuboctahedron

(35 mm)
S-110 $40

Icosahedron with aquamarine sphere  

Aquamarine Sphere
Sterling silver Icosahedron

pendant size (31 mm)
S-13 $50


Geometry translates as “measure of the earth”. Sacred geometry is an exploration of certain special relationships, or ratios, which are fundamental to the unfolding and enfolding of matter in space and time. These magical proportions are present in all manifest life, on micro, human and macrocosmic scales.

The Platonic Solids are five very special forms (many-sided or polyhedron) distinguished from all others by their perfection of internal balance and harmony. To contemplate these forms attunes the mind to the plane of eternal harmony known as “the music of the spheres” which is present behind the tumultuous surface of Maya we experience as the everyday world. Connecting with the energy of this plane strengthens the harmonizing force in planetary consciousness. (More information about Platonic Solids.)

Merkaba with labradorite  

Labradorite Torus
Sterling silver Merkaba

The labradorite used here is a bead, meaning it has a hole drilled through it. Nice gold-green-blue shimmer.

(39 mm)
S-57 $68

Octahedron with labradorite  

Labradorite Torus
Sterling silver Octahedron

The labradorite used here is a bead, meaning it has a hole drilled through it. Nice gold-green-blue shimmer.

This piece can be made as a pendulum, upon request.

pendant size (23 mm)
S-91 $25

Pentakis dodecahedron with ocean jasper  

Ocean Jasper sphere
Sterling silver Pentakis dodecahedron

This is a lovely varigated stone from Madagascar. Not visible in the picture are a few tiny druzy crystal caves.

(44 mm)
S-98 $132

Polyhedron with quartz crystal  

Quartz crystal
12k Gold-filled and malachite beads

(63 x 27 mm)
S-22 $70

Polyhedron with moss agate  

Moss Agate crystal
Sterling silver polyhedron

pendant size (38x17 mm)
S-18 $30

Merkaba with rose aventurine  

Rose Aventurine
Sterling silver Merkaba

It doesn't come across in the picture, but this peach-colored stone is carved into a spherical rose. An uncommon stone with lovely energy especially set off by the rose shape

pendant size (28 mm)
S-59 $56


From the elegant simplicity of the Platonic Solids, more complex forms are created, these are known as Archimedian Solids: cuboctahedron and "Genesa crystal", icosadodecahedron, truncated icodahedron or "Bucky Ball", rhombic dodecahedron or "Earth Star" are some examples of these that I use.

Even if one does not consciously understand the geometrical relationships of these shapes, interacting with them on a visual and tactile level transmits the information to the body-mind directly. As a 2-dimensional picture is but a flattened projection of the 3-dimensional form depicted, so these 3-dimensional forms give us a point of departure to imagine the ever increasing complexity of dimensions through which sacred geometry unfolds.



Octahedron with Rhodochrosite Pendulum  

Rhodochrosite sphere
12k gold-filled Octahedron Pendulum

Lovely pink rhodochrosite, with a rose-shaped rose aventurine and rhodochrosite accent bead at the top of the chain.

(octahedron 23 mm, chain length 103 mm / 4 inches)
S-166 $42

Rhombic dodecahedron with Rose quartz  

Rose quartz Sphere
Sterling silver Rhombic dodecahedron

(45 mm)
S-155 $56

Octahedron with garnet crystal  

Garnet crystal
Sterling silver Octahedron

pendant size (23 mm)
S-112 $28

Garnet Merkaba  

Garnet crystal
Sterling silver & 12k gold-filled Merkaba

(39 mm)
S-32 $70

Merkaba with Pyrite cube  

Pyrite cube
Sterling silver Merkaba

pendant size (28 mm)
S-94 $62

icosahedron with druzy agate  

Druzy Agate Sphere
Sterling silver Icosahedron

This is such a wacky crystal I just couldn't resist it. On one side it has scatterings of white and yellow spots, reminiscent of a fried egg with the yellow in the inside; on the other side it has a druzy-filled opening resembling a mouth. Roll your mouse over the image to see the other side.

(38 mm)
S-106 $52


Beach stones with holes
3 connected Sterling silver Octahedra

This is a lovely pendant

(71x23 mm)
S-35 $46

Copper Merkaba  

Copper Merkaba

(59 mm)

S-36 $32

Copper Merkaba  

Copper Merkaba

pendant size (31 mm)

S-46 $27