Grossular garnet and pyritized ammonite necklace


Pyritized ammonite is a delicate treasure. This formation occurred when pyrite crystalized in the open spaces of the ammonite shell and then the shell disintegrated, leaving only the pyrite molded to its shape. The inside surfaces are covered in tiny druzy pyrite crystals. Finely graduated grossular garnet (also known as green garnet) beads are presented asymetrically, with the largest beads just off center from the pendant and interspersed with graduated pyrite beads for added interest. The "extra virgin olive oil" color of the grossular garnet makes an elegant color comination with the pyrite and silver. The silver triangle beads are hand-wrought by the hill tribe people of Thailand.
Pyrite is very delicate to breakage in this formation. Care needs to be taken in wearing and storage. 20"