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|| 6.24.13 || Expansion, transformation, realignment

Greetings and Happy Solstice! It's been a long time since I've done an update. Many new things are churning in my cauldron! I am developing a new branch of this work with the Flower & Seed of Life designs, which are being launched on my new Etsy site. I am also planning a complete redesign of this website, which will manifest hopefully soon. Oh, and I also have a page on Facebook, if you would like to connect with me there.

New work: The Activation Matrices

Flower of Life Activation Matrix for Expanding the Heart into BlissLast year at the gem show, thanks to my crystal compatriat Steve, I tuned into the Azeztulites offered at Heaven & Earth Jewelry, and immediately received a vision for using them in my Flower of Life design. Between the generative energy of the pattern of the Flower of Life and the frequency of the Great Central Sun coming through the Azeztulite stones, that creation showed itself to be an Activation Matrix for the awakening and realignment of the light bodies of ourselves and the planet.

This year at the gem show, the vision expanded and I aquired a lush palate of high-energy gemstones available to be formulated into specific crystal grids within the Flower & Seed of Life designs.

Returning to Heaven & Earth for more Azeztulites, I made an auspicious connection with Robert Simmons (the founder) and showed him what I was up to. Thanks to that meeting, I am excited to be able to use many of the stones distributed by Heaven & Earth in these pieces.

The crystal grids in the Activation Matrices are attuned to specific themes created from my intuition or your requests. I am welcoming commisions choosing from the stones on my list, or by being given a theme for which to create a piece. I really could not be more excited about the potential of this work and I look forward to creating custom pieces.

Here is my gemstone palate for the Flower & Seed of Life Activation Matrices:

($.25-$2/bead) ($2-16/bead) ($16-26/bead)
Amazonite Amethyst Amazez Azozeo
Aquamarine Cacoxenite Auralite Azozeo
Black Tourmailne Chrome Diopside Crimson Cuprite
Carnelian Healer's Gold Danburite
Clear Quartz Healerite Golden Azeztulite Azozeo
Garnet Jade Himalaya Red-Gold Aazozeo
Golden Rutile Quartz Larimar Nuumite
Green Phantom Quartz Lavender lepidolite Pink Azeztulite Azozeo
Kunzite Lithium light Pink Fire Azeztulite
Labradorite Master shamanite Sanda Rosa Azozeo
Lapis Lazuli Mystic merlinite Satya Mani Azozeo
Moonstone Rhodochrosite Satyaloka Clear
Morganite Rosophia Satyaloka Rose Azozeo
Moss agate Satyaloka yellow White Azeztulite Azozeo
Prehnite Scolecite  
Rose Quartz (Madagascar) Tanzanite  
Smokey Quartz    

You can look up the properties of these stones here on Heaven & Earth's site.


Another exciting development for me is entering into collaboration with my good friend and crystal muse Steven Odell of Second Nature Subtle Tools. Again, all good things happen at the gem show. During our stay in Tucson, Steve discovered how our tools work together. He has written about that synergy here. This spring we did a lot of work together, culminating in a website for Steve (photography & design by me) and a shared trunk show in Santa Cruz of our new work. Check out some images from our show.


|| 2.14.11 || A new Queen Bee

Meta Flower of Life pendant When inspiration strikes, it's always welcome and miraculous. I've been attending a Flower of Life/Sacred geometry class these past few weeks, which has definitely met and exceeded my expectation for inspiration. (Look for some new links I've added after being introduced to them in class!)

We were learning about how the Fruit of Life is hidden information alluded to within the Flower of Life, and I realized that in the way I've made my Flower of Life pendants, the Fruit of Life has been there all along supporting the Flower of Life, I just never really paid attention to it. Well let's just say I am paying attention now. I went home and birthed a new version of the pendant, highlighting the beautiful form of the Fruit of Life/Metatron's Cube by using different transparencies of quartz—and I have to say, it's the new Queen Bee! I'm pretty astonished by the way a subtle change can illuminate a new dimension of potency in this piece. I offer it to you.


|| 8.9.10 || Gems in the dreamworld

Gems are a recurring theme in my dreams. This morning I woke from browsing a gem show, and it feels like a good time to give thanks for the deep connection I feel with the mineral kingdom. I have met some amazing gems in the dreamworld, oh my, the beauty! Every stone I meet, in the waking or dream worlds, has a special message, tone or blessing and I feel the beauty of their being deeply, and with much gratitude for the connection to the realms which they bridge for us.

I believe there are many limitations we as humans believe in that have no relevence to the mineral kingdom. I feel a sense of freedom from some of my small believing when I connect with them. When they appear in my dreams, even (as this morning) when the specimens coming to me are not visually extravagent, there is a sense of sacred gift being given for me to receive, a marker of attunement to a concentration of spiritual power.


|| 4.22.10 || Sacred Geometry skins

I discovered a new way to play: creating "Personas", skins for my Firefox browser, and you can have them too! Check 'em out! Do you use Firefox? Firefox has become my browser of choice largely because of their extensive array of useful add-ons, plug-ins and style choices. "Personas" are a kind of "skin" for the navigation areas of the browser window. (Got Firefox? Get the Personas add-on here.)

Why not dress up your browser with some Sacred Geometry style? I have created 3 sacred geometry themed Personas: one featuring the Metatron's cube and hexagonal quartz crystals, one combining spiraling nautilus shells with an eclipsing moon and one featuring my favorite tangerose quartz crystals from my collection with a shape called the "Venus Rose", which traces the orbit pattern of Venus.


|| 3.2.10 || Celebrate my birthday by receiving a special discount!

It's one week till my birthday - celebrate with me! I'm offering 20% off anything purchased on my site between now and March 9. Mmm, make that March 15, two weeks are better than one. Just wish me "Happy Birthday" when you place your order.


|| 2.9.10 || It's that gem show time!

My big news of the month is that for the first time in 9 years, I chose not to attend the Tucscon Gem & Mineral show this year. Intuition and all the various angels were more in support of staying close to home and using what I've already got (in gem terms) throughout the year. The part of me that just LOVES the spectacle of the rocks' big get-together is grieving the decision to not go to them. (I'll admit it—the reason I started this jewelry line was to create a way for my gem habit to become self-sustaining while sharing what I love so much!) However, during the time I would have been traveling, I've experienced some breath-taking moments of pure grace and inner reconciliation with my creative purpose, so I trust that it's all perfect and perfectly unfolding.

I feel very excited about expanding creativity in the coming year!


Past shows

April 5, 2013
Trunk Show - Lotus Lazuli & Second Nature Subtle Tools
First Friday Art Walk, Santa Cruz CA

October 1 - November 2, 2008 
"Best of the Mountains" exhibit at The Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center

September 27, 2008  
Farm Art Show
Freewheelin Farm, Santa Cruz, CA

October 2007
Hope Mountain Barter Faire
Takilma, OR

May 2007
"Edible Art" exhibition at The Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center

December 2006
"Gift of Art" exhibition at The Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center

September 2006
"Triangle of Life" exhibition at The Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center

July 2003-2008  
Barter Fair after Oregon Country Fair

Friday December 9, 2005  
Holiday Trunk Show at Golden Oak Gallery
Saratoga, CA

"Featured Artist of the Month" - April 2005
Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center Artworks Gift Shop

December 18, 2004  
Bizarre Bazaar
San Francisco, CA

September 2004
"Valley Fever" exhibition at Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center
Director's Award

February 14-17, 2004
Global Sacred Geometry Conference  
Sedona, AZ 

December 2004 & 2003    
The Urban Market on Means Street 
Atlanta, GA

Sunday June 8, 2003    
Sound Awakening Ceremony
Marin, CA

Sunday May 4, 2003    
Mt. Fuji World Peace Prayer Ceremony
San Francisco, CA

April 20, 2003    
How Weird Street Festival
San Francisco, CA

February 15-16 , 2003    
Sacred Visionary Arts Festival
San Francisco, CA