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About Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry Home Page by Bruce Rawles
"In nature, we find patterns, designs and structures from the most minuscule particles, to expressions of life discernible by human eyes, to the greater cosmos. These inevitably follow geometrical archetypes, which reveal to us the nature of each form and its vibrational resonances. They are also symbolic of the underlying metaphysical principle of the inseparable relationship of the part to the whole. It is this principle of oneness underlying all geometry that permeates the architecture of all form in its myriad diversity. This principle of interconnectedness, inseparability and union provides us with a continuous reminder of our relationship to the whole, a blueprint for the mind to the sacred foundation of all things created."

Nassim Harramein's Resonance Project
"A fundamental understanding of the dynamics of this interconnectivity redefines the lens through which we see the universe and our place in it, and leads to theoretical and technological advancements that move us towards a sustainable future. This new approach to the physics of universal forces has the potential to solve the most pressing issues of our times."

"Geomancers are interested in sacred geometry because this is the study of the way that spirit integrates into matter - by echoing and amplifying the geometry of nature and planetary movements, we help to align the resonance of body/mind/spirit with the harmonic frequencies of the above and the below.  Geomancers are interested in sacred geometry because it has been found that certain spaces, with particular ratios, enable the participant to resonate or vibrate at the appropriate rate that maximizes the possibility of connection to the One."

Crop circles
"From my observation, the crop circle symbols that most strike an awakening chord inside us are based on pentagrams and hexagons, either overtly or veiled within an otherwise abstract shape. I mulled this over for years, while gazing at precisely the same geometries when sitting in old churches and cathedrals, discovering exactly the same patterns in their arches, windows and adornments. Even when looking at the Earth— even human DNA."

Human form from sacred geometry
"Sacred Geometry studies such primal systems which reveal the unity of the cosmos by representing the relationships between numbers geometrically."

A city built using sacred geometry
"Do forms, by virtue of their proportions, geometry, colour, orientation and materials and techniques used, have the capacity to influence the human being at more than just the physical and intellectual level?"

Earth Star
"Unique geologic features occur at geometric points around the globe. Ancient civilizations built monuments on many of these geometric points. Many people believe that certain places have a special power. "

The Pavillion of Polyhedreality
"To learn more than you ever wanted to know about polyhedra, you will want to visit my Encyclopedia of Polyhedra. It is intended as a museum of objects, a reference work, and a tutorial of sorts, all dedicated to the serene, timeless beauty of polyhedra and their interrelationships. Over 1000 polyhedra are on display here --- from the familiar to the never-before-seen --- far more than have ever been assembled or collected anywhere."

MathsNet - Geometric Construction Course


Buckminster Fuller
"When I was born, humanity was 95 per cent illiterate. Since I’ve been born, the population has doubled and that total population is now 65 per cent literate. That’s a gain of 130-fold of the literacy. When humanity is primarily illiterate, it needs leaders to understand and get the information and deal with it. When we are at the point where the majority of humans themselves are literate, able to get the information, we’re in an entirely new relationship to Universe. We are at the point where the integrity of the individual counts and not what the political leadership or the religious leadership says to do. It’s a matter now of humanity getting to the point where it’s now qualifying to make some of its own decisions in relation to its own information. That’s why we’ve come to a new moment of integrity."


Transportals - Evolutionary Interfaces by Harlan Emil Gruber

Lissy van Leeuwen

Starwheels by Aya

Sacred Forms by Mana

M.C. Escher

Alex Grey


Rick Walker - Percussionist

Joie Favier - Cybervixen

Pusaka Sunda
I play in this group and designed the website.

Family & Friends

Maple Lawn Farms

Maize Quest - The Cornfield Maze Adventure

Louisa A. Simpson

Barbara Thomas

Thom Atkins - Bronze sculptor and textile artist

Susan Prout

Blue Buddha Boutique - Chain Maille

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