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"Time is like a necklace of square beads of tangible objects, or moments or events, and to be absorbed by this succession of limited frames is maya or illusion, whereas only the inner thread of the necklace, the unimaginable continuum, is reality."

-Robert Lawlor

"I had stumbled onto a dance, a sacred ritual, a divine secret: there are invisible patterns throughout all of nature and these patterns are imprinted within each speices. The migration patterns of whales, the hibernation of bears, the mating dance of birds are all woven into the web of creation. So too is the longing within the human heart to love and nurture, to create, and to discover the mystery we live within and that lives within us."

-Dr. Lauren Artress

Artist Statement

by Gretchen McPherson

Art is a vehicle to express the spiritual and believe it or not, that is how mathematics started out as well, the mystery of how the One becomes Two, and so on. Although I didn’t realize it then, my sixth grade math teacher opened my mind to this connection. He had us draw a figure that looks like a web around a cross. There was something so satisfying about drawing this image that I did dozens of them, in all different combinations of color and pattern. They decorated his classroom for years. In art school I experimented with sculptural work that was 4-dimensional, where some kind of temporal process was crucial to the work’s meaning. I have been obsessed with the spiral for years and that led into work with labyrinths and mazes. I make art as a way to gain deeper understanding by physically working through ideas.

At the beginning of my work with sacred geometry I was looking at figures: 2-dimensional projections of multi-dimensional forms. Since my body thinks sculpturally, I wanted more – I wanted to literally grasp the idea. What happened next was like opening a marvelous pandora’s box of inspiration. Using beads and thread, the materials close at hand, I began to work out my own versions of the Platonic solids – tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, icosahedron, and dodecahedron – the five fundamental icons of 3-D sacred geometry. In the act of weaving the shapes together, like Grandmother Spider weaving the web of Maya, I found my essential innovation, what took me beyond what I found in books. Having worked with labyrinths I recognized that I was discovering 3-dimensional labyrinths existing within these shapes. I had activated a vortex of energy circulating in harmonious proportions.

The geometric shapes express an ideal. I have paired them with crystals, which express the application of the ideal into nature, and so have an added level of complexity – variations on a theme. There is dynamic contrast as well as similarity between these two elements. I have allowed my choices of stones to flow intuitively, drawing on a lifelong rapport with the stone people. Meditating with the Platonic Solid pieces is an invitation to experience a multi-dimensional continuum. Whether registered consciously or not, the visceral perception of the piece triggers a new level of knowing in the mind: As it rolls in your hand the vision is unlocked and the mystery of the shape unfolds.

The single geometric shapes are one branch of my body of sacred geometry work. I let my creative urges run wild in creating the necklaces. Using the principal shapes and proportions of sacred geometry as both starting point and limit, I have developed a signature style that is distinctive and elegant. My method is beadwork - a single thread weaves in and out, capturing precious and semi-precious stones on its way. Each piece is a unique creation; what motivates me is the constant discovery of new combinations of shape and material.

Working with the stones is my greatest joy in creating this jewelry. As someone with an education in conceptual art it took some time for me to follow the path of intuition and inspiration that leads to a marriage of art and spirituality - to art objects which are more than objects, although my inner compass has always directed me to just that place. I percieve the stones to be alive with spirit, and they have communicated to me that it is their joy to do healing work for others through my creations. With my intention I have awakened and energized each piece to work on many levels: within a person and also connecting to the planetary grid. The intention is love and truth for the highest good. Lotus Lazuli is a work of the heart.

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